The “Ron Swanson” effect!

If you can read this is because someone cares about you. 

Not me, but you wouldn’t be able to be here reading this otherwise, open your eyes.

#inspiredyogis #backbend
Today’s challenge is what I like to call “learning to fall” because sometimes you’re just to afraid of what might happen and you don’t give yourself the chance to even try, so I tried to forget about the wall… And yes, I fell, but it was great. #namaste #inspiredyogis
For #inspiredyogis day 27 (wich I miss)
I just realized that I was doing a lame posture with the previous posts, for this I tried to get my hip as lower as possible and at the same time getting my chest parallel to the floor. It’s quite different, it feels better, it’s more elegant and your body allows you to focus on the strenght and forget about the balance. #inspiredyogis
So this is the funny story behind my latest pic. While I was trying to achieve my #inspiredyogis challenge, the #grasshopper, mi #cat and my #dog were doing this right behind me. @patbailey @monkeymix @deemoi @gordonogden
So I finally understood what I was missing all this time in this pose… arm strenght! So after a few attempts I finally get a close enough pose with extended legs… Lot of work to do yet, but I’m getting there. #inspiredyogis @patbailey @gordonogden @monkeymix
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