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Cuando cocinas en casa no importa tanto la presentación, sólo disfrutarlo. Pasta en curry XD
Private cooking… Steak al vino tinto y cocoa

kim jong-un scratching post [x]

and then I wonder if what we feel is somehow learned, that we are trained to feel certain way under specific circunstances.

That we know that we’re supposed to be happy, sad or afraid when something happen and some of us just missed the training or that we are somehow disconnected.

am I the only one who think this way?


Disney’s tribute to, the legend, Robin Williams.The world has lost one of it’s brightest shining stars.Genie. You are free.

Adam and Chris Mort by Daniel Jaems

If we’re constantly judging people for their past how could we expect them to change, discouraging them to so anything better, as far as thy know we don’t expect better…

If you’re looking for a change start on your attitude, trust people, encourage them… Being hurt once or twice might be worth it.


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