First #pumpkin #maple #cake of the season…
I just made #marshmallows for the first time… 😅
#earlyhalloween #pumpkin #craving
Day4… For those that for some reason believe I don’t smoke, well, it’s a lie. For the past 4 months I’ve been working at a restaurant 15 hours a day and I decided that I will turn my resignation because it’s destroying my health, my patience and my ability to trust people, somehow this challenge came up when I decided I will only sacrifice myself for myself… So now I’ve been pretty anxious, like, all the time. This challenge has been a lot harder than what I originally though and the #nosmoking part was quite difficult last night. I’m frustrated, looking for a job that I have to convince myself that I want to, daydreaming with a guy I like and convincing myself that I can achieve much more in this situation that the scenario in which I was a month ago. Funny thing was that yesterday I found a piece of paper in the flor reminding me to smile and that made me realize why I’m doing this challenge, because I want a #betterlife.
Hasta el suelo me sonrió hoy :)
Third day if the #betterlife #challenge was all about the gym… I wake up at 4:20 and went to the gym to find out that my trainer was sick and couldn’t be there so I went back home to take a 3 hours nap… Then I was wondering what should I do, running? (I have 4 months of no exercise so my knees are kind of weak), some simple cardio at home? Or maybe retaking the habit of #yoga … I made this 86min sequence focused on strenght and I realize a lot of things. First: saying I can doesn’t make you capable and saying I was able to neither, the practice should be persistent… Second: it’s much more frustrating realizing how much you have lost for being lazy than not knowing what you are/were capable of. Third: #yoga is about #balance, #strenght, #peaceofmind and #flexibility, without peace of mind the other 3 are useless… This challenge is helping to know more about myself, about how I’m living and what I want in my life, and so far I’m grateful for starting with this struggle.

Unicorn motivation!
The second day of the #challenge was great except for that horrible craving for #coffee I had no idea I were so dependent, and it’s frustrating since I really like the flavor. I suffer the exercise part a little but I’m getting used to it… I think that any of us could be more dependent on something without realizing and maybe a #detachment challenge could be an interesting experiment, don’t do it for the #health benefits but for yourself. #28days #nosugar #nocoffee #nosmoking #nodrinking #dailyexercise #dailymeditation
So this is the #challenge… #28days of #nosugar #nocoffee #nodrinking #nosmoking #dailyexercise and #dailymeditation but, considering I’m a cook the no sugar part ain’t that easy and yesterday was way to hard for me… I have to admit that I fail, on the first day!, and the job it’s not an excuse, but it’s not about how many times you fall if you are able to raise one more. The rest of the habits are still on the goal. I’ll share tomorrow about day 2, which I’m suffering the #dailyexercise part.
Today I start  a 28 day #betterlife #challenge. 28 days to create habits, 28 days of: #nosmoking #nodrinking #nosugar #nocoffee #dailyexercise #dailymeditation with one only goal, #feelbetter…  (en day1)
😱 ame este lugar, si quieren cerveza, es el lugar. Excelente Atencion, el dueño es rebuena onda y todo tipo de cerveza
My #cat #actingnormal
Cuando cocinas en casa no importa tanto la presentación, sólo disfrutarlo. Pasta en curry XD
Private cooking… Steak al vino tinto y cocoa

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