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I really love thomas synnamon style

Anxious, yes I’m anxious because I’m constantly questioning myself if I’m good enough, depressed, no, because I know that I’ve been improving myself constantly but emotionally I’ve no control due my insecurities. I’ve never believed I’m not good at all nor believed that I’m a failure but I’m in a permanent struggle with my own self questioning if I’m enough for somebody, or enough for a job or if I’m even enough for my self and my goals. It it’s absurd saying all of this considering that I would give advice over this that made me forget about this topic and I know the right words to calm me down but every now and then it would be nice to hear it from someone else.


Stephane Haffner & Kyle Kier
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A fancy salad is about presentation.

"A New Order" Art Print by Abstractika.
I totally geeked out on this (and loved it)..!

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